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Welcome to my corner of the world! 

Hi, I’m Mandi and I love cheese. It’s true, you can ask any of my friends.

I’m a mom first, photographer second. But please don’t think that means I’m not as obsessed with photography as I am my  children…it’s a pretty close race! I was an elementary school teacher for 8 years before I began my career in photography. I love home decor/design and anything DIY; although, cooking and baking are a close second (Pinterest is my nemesis). These days you can also find me at a kickboxing class or working out in some form. I am slightly obsessed with taking pictures of my daughters which is how my passion for photography was discovered. Currently I swap back and forth between teaching, photography, working out and my girls.

I believe that photography is fun and that laughter looks good on anyone. I strive to make sure we’re having a good time during our sessions because capturing real moments makes me happy. I love a good joke but don’t tell any because I always forget the punchlines. As a firstborn, I have slight perfectionist tendencies, but I suppose that makes for happy clients!

I would be honored to photograph you and your peeps on your special day so let’s chat soon! Thank you for visiting and I hope you stay awhile!

If you you’d like to know a few more slightly interesting things about me, feel free to visit me on IG and Facebook!